Unity – Broken animation property references

So, for a while now this has been bugging me, when you update the name of an object in Unity3D, it breaks the reference to the object’s properties in the timeline if you are animating them. The only way to fix it seemed to be to create a new property from the renamed object and… Continue reading Unity – Broken animation property references

Unity Android compression – ETC2 vs. ETC1

I’ve been working on a Unity project for Android and iOS lately. For Android we had been using ETC2 for the texture  compression. The ETC2 benefits were: Better performance on devices where it’s supported. Supports non power of 2 textures. Works with all Unity UI canvas types. The UI canvas support was particularly important to us as the project… Continue reading Unity Android compression – ETC2 vs. ETC1

Creating a grid of objects

Here’s some stripped down code I use to create a grid of objects in Unity. I’ve used this setup in my Android game Block Blaze when the level is initialised. It’s attached to a Generator object, which also has some other functionality like determining what type of object is created, whether an object needs to be regenerated… Continue reading Creating a grid of objects

Unity3D Development – Rigidbody Reset Force / Motion Code

In my new game I need to be able to give an object in motion a new force (same magnitude) in a random direction with a button press. Here’s my C# solution using Coroutines. Its working perfectly for me and solves the weird physics problem with stopping/starting using rigidbody.isKinematic. All these code snippets are in… Continue reading Unity3D Development – Rigidbody Reset Force / Motion Code